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Texas faces several challenges to its drinking water supply. Population growth, catastrophic events, and man-made hazards disrupt and draw on this limited resource. In order for the state of Texas to best ensure the health and safety of drinking water for citizens, water reuse must be considered. This option can provide diversification of water resources, protection of aquatic environments, and future lower costs to utilities and customers.

Texas ranks 3rd in the country for population growth. The population went from 25,145,561 in 2010 to over 27 million in 2020 and growth is expected to double by 2030. Texas has three…

an insatiable love poem

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You cannot mess this up
it’s impossible

To think you might feel impassable
is illogical

Can a child break a cup and be sent to prison
Should the parent become irascible and ground for life

Or could they pick up the pieces together
take out another cup
and drink

This is a rhetorical question

No, you are not my son
but the feeling is mutual

You can do no wrong

And if there is a part breakable
some fragile component
we will pick up the pieces
and drink

Without being philosophical
it’s just incalculable
these implausible thoughts

My love for…

Yoli Knight

Writing down the way I notice. Everyday since dying available on Amazon

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